Friday, February 15, 2013


The talent I discover on Etsy never ceases to amaze me!  Esther and Estella, the designers of these high-quality beautiful handbags and belts, are also a talented makers of equisite jewelry.  Here is their story in their  own words:

"Jewelry making for me started in a rough way some fifteen years ago. I had an accident at the building site (I am a civil engineer) that left me incapacitated and unable to do that kind of work any longer. After a long convalescence I decided to move from the Netherlands with my then adolescent daughter, Estella, to Turkey, a favorite holiday spot for us. The climate was more favorable for my injuries and the cost of living was a lot cheaper which suited my dramatically diminished income. And this has proved to be a sound decision. My physical mobility improved greatly, and the beauty of the country, the colors, the traditions, and even the smells are a daily source of inspiration. 

I have always had a passion for handcrafts, but of course, being a single ‘Mum' with a full time job, it had been years since I had had the time and tranquility to do something with my hands. Well, here was my opportunity!" 

Isn't her story inspiring?  She used her challenging circumstances to move to an area she loved and to rediscover her talents.  I'm in awe of her work and hope you'll take a few minutes (minimum!) to browse through her shops! 



  1. Thank you very much for the feature!
    Marmaris is the town we live in :)

    Esther & Estella

    1. Sorry about that ... I'll change it right away. :)

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