Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Images found HERE

Good morning!  What do you think of this cheerful home?  I admire the homeowner for her bold use of COLOR ... from vibrant neon pinks, oranges, and yellows to the soothing colors of lavendar and blue, she is not afraid  to push the envelope when it comes to COLOR.  And, what a unique hanging lamp in the first and second photos!

I could definitely live here.  How about YOU?



  1. Grmbl, Blogger just deleted my comment. Will try to reconstruct it tomorrow as it's bedtime for my laptop now ;)

  2. Really like how the colour pops out thanks to the white background. That's the big mistake that I made at our place: I was so happy to have the allowance to paint, for the very first time since we I always rented but now the place is really ours. I chose for a soft grey as I was sick of all the white walls that I have been living in over the last 33 years. But now, I really miss it, as it's so different confronted with other colours and I like to switch interior accessories according to the season ... Well, at least it has been a good lesson :)

    Love the combination of IKEA stuff, antiques, modern design, vintage and charity treasures here in these photos: the only thing I'd change if it were my interior is the floor. I really miss the warmth of a darker, natural wooden one ...

    1. Hi dear Cococita ... I am so slow at answering comments and emails these days. I always appreciate it when you stop by and leave a comment. It's fun to learn more about you and your style and to glean from your creative mind. Big hugs, sweet friend!! xo

  3. Oh, if I could start all over I would paint everything white and get my color fix with art and accessories. I NEED that fox pic from the third one down. The fox is my spirit animal. LOL